Vendor fair tips for newbies!!

Vendor fair tips for newbies!!

Every first is special and so will be your first vendor fair. Overwhelming, exciting, tiring but super fun. And every fair after this you will attend will be a different, unique and a great learning experience.

Let me try to make it a little easy and sorted for you for your first big one!!

Yay congratulations to you first, you made it, it's your first step towards your big success.

Things to avoid - Don't stress or panic... it will be fun and smooth!

                 List of things you should have with you 

  1.  Your art/products
  2.  A table/stand /shelf (to display)
  3.  A fitted table cover (yes fitted is important, it helps when it gets windy)
  4.  A runner with your logo
  5. Your display banner (optional)
  6. Deals displayed clearly
  7. Price tags clear and visible
  8. Risers (I need them for my gift boxes) , easel (for art)  hangers, baskets, small organizer racks whatever is required with your product.
  9. Your tent (if it is outdoor and required). Don't forget weights for your tent.
  10. Must have supplies- pushpins, safety pins, stapler, sticky notes, pen.
  11. Sunscreen, bug spray and WATER is a must have.
  12. Snacks .. trust me you will want to munch and feel extra hungry :))
  13. Credit card reader ( make sure it is charged and updated) mine started updating when I had my first customer paying... bummer ..
  14. Enough paper for receipt.
  15. Cash and coins .... many prefer paying cash in fairs , make sure you have change to give them back.
  16. Your business card
  17. A handy, portable dolly to move your stuff from the car to your spot and back.
  18. Chair for you to relax. 
  19. Hat and sunglasses weather appropriate.
  20. Smile, energy and a positive attitude.

You will discover new things, forget few things, learn a lot of new things will meet a lot of amazing people,  create wonderful memories, will face high and lows but at the end of the day make sure  to feel - "It was just a day a step towards moving ahead.."

Wishing you a very happy first one and many more to come.