All about me

All about me

Discover the beauty of hand painted items through my eyes!

Hi my name is Shaivalini Sinha and I am the owner of Sinhascreations.

I enjoy painting and love colors, they make everything everywhere bright and beautiful and thats my idea in creating these designs.

I am a self trained artist, art is always been very close to my heart so from hobby to a small business is been a dream journey.

I want to spread joy and happiness in everyone’s home through my hand painted colorful decorations. Hand made and hand painted is always a unique piece as it is difficult to create the same piece, keeping it a special and a unique gift.

I love gifting and it's all about gesture, thought and feeling, so adding a little thought goes a long way in making any special occasion thoughtful while adding an extra touch of your love to any relationship.

Sinhascreations is not a business, it is my colorful dream to see vibrant decor made by me in every home all around the world.

I love art and colors make me happy, so my creations are very colorful and vibrant as I want everyone to feel the same happiness that colors bring to me.

Art is always been very close to my heart it is my hobby and my childhood passion. Creating new things , making art for my home, gifting art work to special people in my life always brought me complete bliss.

I came up with the idea of selling my wooden decor ,while working on a small wooden trinket -my very first box!!
I got my first orders from my friends and that inspired me to bring Sinhascreations to the world, as creativity has no limits….

And then I started my instagram page and my website, and from there my journey began!
I paint wooden tissue holders, coasters, tray, jewelry box, trinkets of all shapes and size, wooden letters and more.

There are a lot of people who play a big role in my journey. It is a blessing to have love, support, patience and encouragement from your near and dear ones.
My husband and my daughter always encourage and keep me going, whether I have sales or no sales.
They are the biggest supporter and owes a big shoutout!!
My parents and family in India, their best wishes and encouraging words even in the smallest accomplishment I make , goes a long way in helping me reach where I am today.
I have a great set of friends who supported me and encouraged me to start this journey. They believed in me and in my startup. They always bring a spark of joy to my work by loving my creations, gifting them to their friends and family on different occasions and helping me promote my small business.
Thank you all !!
Thank you to each one of you who has made it possible and is supporting me in making my dream come true.

Enjoy gifting and reach out to me if you need customized and personalized gifts!