A bright & beautiful wood decor

Do it yourself- a colorful hand painted wood decor

Dive into the process of creating a beautiful hand made decor
Hand painted wooden box or decor, ideas are unlimited , make a tray, coaster, wood letter, jewelry box, vase or tissue box cover.
It is always unique, useful  and creative !!
If you love art and always wanted to make something , now is the time.....
Love hand painted wooden decor , then let's do it together!!
Step by step guide to paint and create your own wooden boxes and more.
Gather your supplies
supplies for wood art

- Wood box, crates, shelf 
- Sand paper for wood prep
- Gesso
- Acrylic paint ( your favorite colors)
- Paint brush ( different sizes)
- Masking Tape
- Pencil 
- Acrylic markers 
- Sealant / varnish
Sealant after paint
Once you are ready with supplies , let's begin the fun of creating !!
Step 1 - Sanding
sanding wood
Sanding is a must , to create an even texture and to brush off any unevenness  which may be present on the box or your wood .
Sanding gives an even and smooth texture.
Step 2 - Gesso 
Gesso is thick paste applied on wood as first layer to give an extra protection and to avoid the paint from seeping in the wood and gives an even tone too.
Apply little water to gesso to adjust the consistency, not very thin nor thick.
gesso on wood box
Paint your box with this gesso paste and let it dry completely.
wood box
Step 3
Paint the base with your favorite color
wood box base paint
Let it dry !!
While it dries .....
Sip a cup of coffee & enjoy your victory you are doing great !!!!
Step 4 
Think of a design and draw it on your box lightly
 Designs can be intrinsic , simple, boho inspired, scenery, geometric , floral or just dots and stripes , it should be your happy pick. 
Check this for more ideas
Step 5
Start adding colors to your design , if you are using markers start your designing .
marker art
I like to blend paint and markers both while designing.
paint brush for art
Markers really work great for fine lines and quick mess free art.
If you are a beginner , you will love using acrylic markers.
wood box marker design
I have used Peebeo / Posca  acrylic markers .
An optional step  - Once your design is ready you can use mirrors, gems or glitters to decorate it even more or just let your hand painted design do the job.
Every little thing matters, do not forget the final touches!!
adding colors to the rim
See the difference, play with color combination and see colors bringing joy to your art !!!
pink rim
Optional art , I used markers to design the rim too 
pink rim with simple art
Step 6
Once your paint is dry and your design is complete , time to coat it with sealant or varnish for the final touch .
Sealant is a must for longevity of your wood art.
gloss varnish
Varnish can be matte, gloss , apply a nice even coat of varnish and let your work shine.
varnish your boxapply an even coat
Last but not the least 
Enjoy the beauty you just created , whether it' s your first or 100th art , joy of a completed art is just the same every time.
You are ready to gift your beautiful hand painted decor to your friends, family or keep it for yourself.
The most important thing about hand made gifts is that they are always one of a kind, thoughtful & special as it is made with lots of love, care & time.