Do it yourself hand painted wood gifts for decor & more!!

Do it yourself hand painted wood gifts for decor & more!!

You love art and love creating new things in your free time, and enjoy decorating your little spaces with your beautiful creations. 

Yes hand painted is always fun, unique and special.

As it gives a personalized look , and the joy of making your own art is amazing.

Enjoy the festive seasons and special occasions by gifting handmade personalized boxes , wood plague, trays , coasters & more.

Let's dive into the magic of creating some art pieces which you can use to decorate your home or gift it to your friends & family.

 Supplies  you  need
  • A wooden box of your choice ( you will find it easily in any craft store )
  • Gesso a primer for wood - base coat
  • Acrylic paint , your favorite color
  • Paint brushes of different sizes
  • Acrylic markers - (optional)
  • Masking tape
  • Stencils or a simple design to draw 
  • Sealant to protect your art.

Art does not have to be difficult, a simple basic design can do the magic too, playing with colors is always fun.


Gift box

a red pattern hand painted box

Paint a wooden box with compartments and turn it into a jewelry box, beads box, craft storage a box to hold your accessories.

A great gift for art & craft lover or for a jewelry lover.

red jewelry box hand painted

A wooden hand painted tissue box cover

You need an unfinished wood tissue box cover

and rest supplies are same as above.

Gems are additional for an extra look.

hand painted tissue box

A small hand painted wooden shadow box with a Christmas ornament top

A wooden shadow box in festive  colors red, green with patterns , stripes and dots will do the magic. Add gems matching with your art for a classy look.

Add a small hand painted ornament in the cover or just fill in with glitters, or confetti for a fun look.

You can gift office accessories, cute essentials or candies in your hand made gift box and cherish your gift.

Best part about these gift boxes are they are a great keepsake keeping the memories of the occasion living for years !

hand painted gift box

 A wooden vase and a small wood tray

A painted decor to add some color , brightness and personal touch to your space.

Unfinished wood plague , vase, candle stand or anything unique you like.

This is Warli art , a folk art from India .

This art depicts the everyday life of people in a village.

Tip to remember - you can draw a story which is close to your heart , a simple sketch can keep your memories cherished forever. 

wood tray and vase


Wooden letter

A perfect mantel decor a beautifully painted wooden letter , a wood letter in your favorite color with a blend of designs , colors, dots and flowers .

Paint your favorite designs and create your wooden letter.

It is a great time to take out your acrylic markers , they are perfect to sketch and and create designs. 

Make sure the base paint is dry before you use acrylic marker.


wooden letter 

acrylic marker 

They are a great choice for drawing fine lines.

The choices are endless from painting a wooden earring, name plates , coasters to key rings to table organizers.

So what are you waiting for get your favorite piece create a colorful art, seal your art with a sealant and start decorating and gifting .