small wooden hand painted box

Pretty hand painted colorful small wood box !!

Gift in style

Do you love gifting? And think of doing it differently.

Let's do it together!!

From creating to packing, let's make it special.

You can paint these mini boxes as per your favorite color, interest and design them simple or intricate.

A  small hand painted box

I found these wooden boxes in Michaels and fell in love with them, I made it for my, but these love boxes are year round favorite. 

They can be used for any occasion , the small wood heart top is my favorite.

You can write a wish, name , or just an initial will do the magic.

Personalization is thoughtful and always appreciated.

a green hand painted wood box

green wood box with a matching earring

These boxes are small and can hold mini essentials they are very cute and unique gift boxes.


Festive Gifting

ornament wood box

This shadow box is a hobby lobby find, a small square wood box .

I placed a hand painted wooden ornament matching the colors of the box, to make holiday season gifting unique.

You can put a small picture of a shared memory together or if you love personalization just as I do add only the recipients picture or paint their name or an initial, wooden letter works great as it gives rustic and yet a classy feel.


 Penny Box

hand painted wood box white


Instead of an ornament put a penny in there and use this box as a penny box or gift this penny box to a friend who collects pennies.

Kept in a corner or on your office desk, endless ways to use it as a useful decor.


Colorful bright & beautiful mini trinket boxes

Fill these beauties with candies and use them as a party favor box, a keepsake gift , a souvenir box to remember the special day !


 red striped hand painted box

gem top wood gift box


Gifting made special

These wooden boxes with lids are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Some common uses include storing jewelry such as rings, earrings and necklaces, keeping small office supplies like paperclips and push pins organized, or even as a decorative piece on a bookshelf or coffee table .


The mini trinket boxes make great gifts for any special event or holiday.

Whether you are looking for something to give as a birthday present or an anniversary gift.

 These boxes can be painted in  various color that add extra character!

I love colors and try to have a collection of all colors :) in my store.

With so many designs to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect mini trinket box for any occasion.

Without skimping on quality, these small trinket boxes feature intricate designs with sturdy construction—making them perfect to store jewelry, collectibles, and more!

Start shopping now and find the perfect trinket box that will bring smiles to your special someone this year.


Choose the Style and Color that Suits Your Needs.


These small trinket boxes feature pretty designs with sturdy construction—making them perfect to store jewelry, collectibles, and more!

Abstract flower heart top hand painted wood box

Get Creative With Paint, Glitter, and More!

Take your trinket box to the next level with various customizations. Add a unique personal touch and get creative with paint, glitter, sparkles and more!

Get creative with your trinket box design to make it even more special for your recipient.

Decorate each box differently for an added surprise.

It's the perfect way to make your gifting a special one in 2023.

Fill these with office supplies, candies, hair clips, pennies and a lot more and enjoy gifting.

Gem top red hand painted box

Shop now and bring these unique decors home this season and enjoy a fresh look.