painted wooden decor

Can I paint on wood box with acrylic paint ?

Painting on unfinished wooden decor                    with acrylic paint !

Have you ever wondered , what do you do with those pretty unfinished wooden box, trays, tissue box covers in the hobby stores ?

You can get creative and paint them to go well with your style and decor , giving a personal touch and bringing joy to you as you create your happy place.


Acrylic paints are very versatile and works really well on various base ,fabric, canvas, paper and even wood!!

Wood requires a little prep before you start painting on them , sand it with sand paper to smoothen the surface and add a base layer of gesso on it.

A layer of gesso helps in proper application of paint and avoids paint from seeping into the wood.

Prepare gesso by adding a little water to prepare a spreading consistency spread gesso on the box with a brush evenly.

Once it dries your box is ready to paint. 

( it usually takes an hour or two to dry completely )

Add a base color of your choice to the wooden  box , tray , plague or tissue box cover and let it dry before you add a second coat of paint.

 And your beautiful decor is ready to be designed in style of your choice.

A striped hand painted wood box

Designs can be anything of your choice from dots, lines, patterns, folk art , simple hearts and more.



Let's get started into creating some pretty decor and gifts with these simple steps and tip and tricks !


 Supplies you need ~

- Unfinished wooden box 

- Sand paper

- Gesso

- Acrylic paint 

- Few paint brushes

- Mod Podge or Sealant


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