The Fascinating Journey Behind the Making of Our Box

The Fascinating Journey Behind the Making of Our Box

Story behind the making of my boxes-


From Concept to Reality -  

It all starts with a spark of inspiration. 

This box was a customized order, a mom wanted to gift her daughter a 6th birthday keepsake box, for all her cute trinkets.

She just wanted it personalized and pink.

A keepsake for a little girl - I thought of something a little girl should not outgrow, so thought of April - Aries and her birth month flower, honeysuckle!

And here it is. 



A Touch of Personalization


This box was a Christmas (2023) gift from an aunt for her beautiful niece! She wanted it personalized!

She said she wanted a pink jewelry box with flowers, butterflies and everything pretty!

I see any blank surface as a canvas, so here I went with tulips, butterflies, flowers and everything dreamy, a design that any girl will not outgrow at any age.

Used wooden letters for her name, I love colorful felt lining on the base, it gives a beautiful look and makes the box look so complete and protection for delicate jewelry.


A blue wooden Mandala jewelry box

I made this blue box for for my website, I thought this color combination is royal and Mandala art for centuries symbolizes as a form of spiritual practice and artistic expression.


Shades of pink and gold! 



A coral and purple with black bold lines and purple dot.



A green and pink with some metallic touch and shades



The  journey doesn't end there. I believe in adding a personal touch to every box

Ahhh gold & gems for a precious friend and making it specially just  for her, with. a personalized wooden letter.

Wishing her shimmer and shine  always with this unique hand painted box!


 So, the next time you receive a package from me, remember the incredible journey that your box has taken to reach your doorstep.

It's not just a box,  it's a symbol of thought, creativity,