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The Hand Painted Strawberry Love Box For A Special Someone

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Fill the box with items tailored to someone special's tastes and interests.

Once you have your hand painted strawberry love box, the next step is to find items that will fit perfectly inside.

This small wooden box with lid comes with a blue leather earring , a matching gift, a chocolate and pretty love fillers.

Personalize it even further by carefully selecting items tailored to your special someone’s tastes and interests. From handmade jewelry to vintage trinkets, your Valentine’s Day surprise will be a memorable one!

A pretty shade of pink and blue, this small box is a cute gift box to hold mini accessories.

A beautiful box with hand painted strawberries in shades of red blue and white make it a perfect valentine gift box.

A perfect size to hold small office supplies like clips, pins or hair accessories.

 A great keepsake and useful gift box for storing and sorting lovers too.

Make it yours today!!

Care instructions: Keep it away from fire and excess heat at all times.

Wipe with clean cloth.

Dimensions( approximately)

3.5"x 2"x2.5" (LxWxH)