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A hand painted bright yellow and pink wooden gift

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Benefits of this hand-painted wooden decor 

- It's the perfect gift or useful small storage solution, coming in a cheerful yellow color. - Its attractive design blends functionality with beauty.

- This wooden gift is the ideal gifting choice for any occasion.

-  Crafted with attention to detail and impeccable quality, this is sure to make a lasting impression!

Product details:

- This hand-painted floral designed wood decor has beautiful artistic details and vibrant colors. 

- The  intricate blend of pink and yellow accentuates its beauty. adding a unique touch to your decor.

- Three small wood box with removable lids in a wooden holder with hooks at the back for hanging.

- Hand painted with acrylic paint and sealed with a sealant, this three in one pretty storage is a versatile piece.

Enjoy the artistry of this piece in your home or make this a pretty gift for someone who loves hand painted , one of a kind piece.