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A rectangle sleek painted wood box

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This stylish painted wood box features beautiful boho art painting, perfect for storing your treasured keepsakes, pen, chains, necklaces and more.

Painted in style to maintain the natural beauty of wood gives it a rustic, natural and yet a colorful box.

Its sleek design makes it travel friendly, perfect for small spaces, easy to carry in hand bags.

Perfect for any age , any occasion .

The box is made of wood in a rectangle shape and painted beautifully to make your gifting in style.

An ideal place to store your treasures you'll never forget.

This rectangle box has a magnet for secure tight lid.

Completed with a varnish this colorful box is a great gift box or a colorful add on to your desk.

The inside has a matching felt layer to enhance its beauty.\


  • Length: 2"
  • Width: 7"
  • Height: 1 1/8"

 Care instructions - Wipe with a clean cloth