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A small hand painted mushroom box with matching earrings.

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 A small teal color wooden trinket with lid and a heart top .

Product Description:
  • Keep your small treasures safe and secure in this beautiful hand painted mushroom box.
  • It’s perfect for storing jewelry or other small items like hair ties and clips, paperclips, coins and more.
  • The box is decorated with an adorable mushroom design.
  • This little box even comes with a pair of golden matching earrings
  • Features: - Hand painted exterior
  • Adorable mushroom theme design
  • Securely fastened latch
  • Benefits: Matching earrings included Benefits:
  •  A perfect gift for special occasions or just to show someone you care
  •  Safely store jewelry, hair accessories and more in one place
  • An excellent way to decorate your home while keeping things organized

Dimensions (approximately)

3.5"x 2"x2.5" (LxWxH)

Care instructions: Wipe with clean cloth

Keep it away from fire and excess heat at all times.