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Wooden 4 drawer box - hand painted with bold colors

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Product Description-

It's a great home décor box Its hand-painted design makes it an eye-catching focal point that's perfect for any room in your home. to hold keepsake items.

Compact tabletop organizer to keep your trinkets and treasures safe and organized.

It's the ideal desk organizer with drawers for holding jewelry, spare keys, gift cards, desk accessories and miscellaneous

These small drawers are perfect for small objects and jewelry.

You can use it to store crafts supplies like beads, stickers and more.

 A blend of florals, dots and stripes, this is a great drawer organizer.

The set would look lovely in any room or on a corner table.

It is a thoughtful gift for any one or for yourself.

You could use this lovely desk organizer with a drawer.

Gift one to Mom as a desktop organizer, or to a teen as a jewelry box .

The bright red and green colors makes it a perfect festive gifts

The bold and gold designs add to its vibrancy.

Perfect for holding paper clips and glue sticks and other mini office supplies.

This can be used as a dresser for doll / Barbie clothes. An adorable add on.

Material - Wood

Dimensions - 6.1" x 3.93" x 7.67"